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5 Quick Crafts and Recipes to Make With Candy Corn Sep 13, 2019

Whether you love it or hate it, candy corn is a Halloween staple. Try these five candy corn crafts this fall to pay homage to this …

Budget-Friendly Outdoor Halloween Decorations 20 Photos

Don't waste money on inflatable Halloween decorations for your front yard. Use our ideas and your crafty skills to make one-of-a-k …

Our 75 Favorite Halloween Decorating Ideas 75 Photos

Get ready to spook up your home — both indoors and out — with our favorite ideas for handmade Halloween decorations you can craft.

How to Make a Jack Skellington-Inspired Pumpkin for Halloween Oct 25, 2018

This year marks the 25th anniversary of The Nightmare Before Christmas. Celebrate the animated classic by making your own no-carve …

20+ Creep-Tastic Halloween Wreaths 22 Photos

Give your front door a welcoming (or not-so-welcoming) Halloween touch with one of our easy-to-craft wreaths.

Skip the Wreath: Try a Holiday-Spanning Front Door Basket Instead 15 Photos

Make swapping out your Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas decorations a snap by upgrading multiple wreaths for a single straw t …

13 Halloween Dollar Store Hacks That Give You More Boo For Your Buck 14 Photos

Expensive decor is hocus pocus. Check out these budget-friendly DIYs.

Halloween Party Magic: Make a Wicked Wine Cauldron + Ghostly Garnishes Oct 29, 2018

Channel your inner spellcaster to magic up a wine-dispensing cauldron along with tastefully terrifying (and delicious!) liqueur-so …

50+ Halloween Kids' Crafts 52 Photos

From handmade decorations to DIY party favors and creative ideas for pumpkins, we have 52 Halloween kids' craft ideas to keep your …

13 Claw-some Ways to Share Your Love of Black Cats 13 Photos

Black cats: are they bad luck or good luck? The perception of these felines goes way back in history and depends on where you are …

13 Halloween Dollar-Store Hacks That Give You More Boo for Your Buck Oct 16, 2018

Expensive decor is hocus pocus. Check out these budget-friendly DIYs.

Monstrous Mums: Craft a Lucky Black Cat Oct 19, 2018

Add a little personality to your planters with our tips for magicking a fall mum into a lucky black cat, just in time for Hallowee …

Sweet + Spooky Halloween Candy Bowls Oct 31, 2018

Creepy? Cute and kid-friendly? We've got something for everyone.

10 Top Small Dog Halloween Costumes From Amazon 10 Photos

Just because your furbaby is itty bitty, they shouldn't be left out of all the Halloween fun! We tracked down 10 super adorable co …

Halloween Front Porch Fix-Up: Magic a Mum Into a Monster Oct 17, 2018

Give your entryway a not-too-scary Halloween update with this easy-to-craft blooming beastie.

3 Ways to Make Creepy Doll Head Planters for Halloween Oct 12, 2018

Forget the expensive store-bought stuff, upcycle thrift-store toys to create spooky Halloween decor.

3 DIY Breakfast-Themed Costumes for Baby Bumps Oct 17, 2018

Do you love avocado toast? Eggs and bacon? Doughnuts and coffee? Turn your favorite breakfast (or pregnancy craving) into an easy, …

5 Last-Minute Essentials to Spook Your Party Up a Notch Oct 12, 2018

Haunt your halls in a flash with these time-saving Halloween decor ideas.

3 DIY Halloween Hairstyles to Wig Out Over Oct 17, 2018

These wigs are cheap, easy and oh-so-cute. Let's just say we're hair for it.

3 Spooky Halloween Mason Jar Crafts Oct 11, 2018

Dust off those Mason jars for these spooky-fun craft projects.

Room of the Week: A Sinister Stoop Oct 11, 2018

Shop our frighteningly-fun finds to prep your porch for the neighborhood trick-or-treaters.Keep in mind: Prices and stock may chan …

Halloween Kids' Craft: Make a Friendly Ghost Mum-ster Oct 29, 2018

Get an assist from your little ghouls to craft this cute planter with personality.

Spook Up an Everyday Lampshade With a Spiderweb Silhouette Oct 16, 2018

This Halloween lampshade gives a spooky surprise when illuminated to reveal a creepy spiderweb silhouette.

Learn How to Safely Use Dry Ice This Halloween Oct 16, 2018

Dry ice is a great way to kick up the fear factor for Halloween. Learn how to safely handle it and cool ways to use it.

Halloween Decor: Turn a Peaceful Plant Into a Man-Eating Monster Oct 10, 2018

Plant lovers, beware! This carnivorous craft is a fun way to add a little unexpected spookiness to a humble houseplant this Hallow …

How to Make 3 Spooky Mason Jars for Halloween Oct 11, 2018

Take your Halloween haunting to the next level with these spooky Mason jars.

Sinister Sip: Blood Orange Sangria Recipe Oct 15, 2018

This deep red Halloween version of classic sangria uses blood orange and luscious red fruits to tell a dark (yet delicious!) tale.

Toxic Shock Gelatin Shots Oct 9, 2018

Halloween guests are in for a surprise with these shockingly good sour green apple gelatin shots.

Halloween Cocktail: Magic Up Some Butter Beer Oct 9, 2018

Make (delicious!) Halloween magic with this Harry Potter-inspired cocktail.