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September 11

Copy the Cover: Get HGTV Magazine's Look in Your Home 91 Photos

Like what you see? HGTV Magazine is helping you take accessories from our pages and put them into your home.

August 30

7 Inspiring Home Ideas You Never Thought to Try 7 Photos

Have you ever thought of … using crazy-dark paint? Hanging a rug as art? Decorating your ceiling? No? Get excited — you’re about t …

August 29

How This Homeowner's Best Friend Designed Her Cozy Kitchen

Two decades of BFF-ing make for one great space. Take a tour with HGTV Magazine, find out what paint colors and products they …

August 29

Top 10 Storage and Organization Picks to Help You Clear the Clutter

HGTV Magazine created the most organized wall in the world. Get all the tips (and products) you need to get rid of clutter, for go …

August 28

Here’s the Story … of The Brady Bunch House Renovation 8 Photos

Family reunion meets fantasy home makeover in A Very Brady Renovation, a four-part series on HGTV. Here's the inside scoop from HG …

August 23

Kid-Approved Playrooms That Grown-Ups Love Too

Here's proof that you can have kids and fun-tastic areas that look totally awesome. Shop these chic playrooms with HGTV Magazine.

August 22

9 Totally Cool Circular Pillows HGTV Magazine Editors Love

There’s no rule that a great pillow has to have four corners. Round out your living room’s look with one of these newbies from HGT …

August 22

Tour an Unforgettably Bold 5-Bedroom Home in Atlanta 10 Photos

A little bold here, there and everywhere! Lots of gutsy moves make this home chic. Take a tour with HGTV Magazine.

August 15

Copy the Curb Appeal: Louisville, Kentucky 37 Photos

These eye-catching houses from HGTV Magazine are loaded with inspiring ideas.

August 13

Before and After: How HGTV Magazine Transformed a Couple's First House 15 Photos

For this couple, signing the papers was the easy part—decorating the house, not so much. HGTV Magazine to the rescue!

August 8

The Front Door Decor We Love 64 Photos

Come on in! HGTV Magazine has all the front porch inspo you need.

August 2

9 Summer Craft Projects You Can Enjoy as an Adult 9 Photos

Sure, you liked these summer projects as a kid — now HGTV Magazine is bringing them back with chic, grown-up style.

August 1

Summer Patio Ideas for Every Style

Yes, you can turn your patio into a staycation-worthy spot. Pick your favorite summery space from HGTV Magazine and get to decorat …

July 23

12 Striped Home Accessories for any Style 12 Photos

Classic good looks make them a year-round MVP (Most Valuable Pattern)­. Check out these picks from HGTV Magazine.

July 22

Not the Same Old Nightstand: 4 Furnishings You Never Knew Could Double as a Bedside Table

Is your bedside table a bit of a snooze? Try one of these clever swaps from HGTV Magazine.

July 16

Everything You Need to Breathe Beach Vacation Vibes Into Your Space

HGTV Magazine brings you easy, breezy ways from to get that laid-back look—even if you’re nowhere near the coast.

July 3

A Colorful Florida Home That Makes a Splash 10 Photos

There's inspiration all over this punchy, pattern-filled home featured in HGTV Magazine. Let's take a tour!

July 1

Boost Your BBQ IQ: 14 Juicy Tidbits About America's Favorite Pastime 14 Photos

Want to know how to make the perfect burger every time? Should you keep the lid on or off while grilling? HGTV Magazine has all th …

June 26

11 Front Yard Accessories You'll Want This Summer 11 Photos

It's where you'll hang out all summer long, so show it some love with these accessories from HGTV Magazine.

June 25

Take a Tour of Alison Victoria's Beautiful Kitchen In Chicago

Alison Victoria has designed 172 kitchens, so she knows a thing or two. Her latest reno (her own!), featured in HGTV Magazine, is …

June 20

A Nautical New England Vacation Home With Summer Ideas to Steal 9 Photos

From bland to beach chic: Nautical colors refresh a washed-up home featured in HGTV Magazine. Now it's red, white and new!

June 13

30+ Happy Home Finds That Only Look Expensive 31 Photos

These accessories from HGTV Magazine aren't as pricey as they appear.

June 12

32 Cool Design Tricks to Steal From an Arizona Home 11 Photos

It’s not just a house—it’s idea utopia. Try one or a whole bunch with HGTV Magazine!

June 11

This Lively Los Angeles Cottage Is Full of Fun Designs 8 Photos

Fun colors, fun stuff, fun house! Take a tour with HGTV Magazine.

June 6

Home Accessories You Never Knew You Could Paint 16 Photos

Who knew you could paint this and that and that?! Check out all the stuff HGTV Magazine made over.

June 4

High/Low Summer Staples That Will Spruce Up Any Space 40 Photos

These dynamic duos from HGTV Magazine have drastically different price tags!

June 3

Neutral Paint Shades Designers Love 11 Photos

These neutrals from HGTV Magazine are anything but bland!

June 3

This Minimalistic Kitchen Is Sleek and Spunky

Sophisticated finishes and a dollop of pattern make for one fab kitchen. Take a tour with HGTV Magazine!

May 30

Copy the Summertime Curb Appeal 40 Photos

These eye-catching houses from HGTV Magazine are loaded with inspiring ideas!

May 30

This Dreary Master Bedroom Got a Glam and Perky Makeover

HGTV Magazine made this Houston bedroom look a whole lot younger.

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